Enabling efficient discovery of geospatial data, GXP Xplorer® searches your enterprise network for relevant files in existing data libraries, on shared network drives, and in an analyst’s local shoebox. Geospatial, temporal, free-text, and advanced metadata searches can be performed across multiple data stores with a single query, eliminating the need to switch between systems. Data types discoverable by either keyword or product attribute include:
» Imagery, terrain, and LiDAR
» Features and shapefiles
» Maps and charts
» Raster and vector-derived products
» Full Motion Video (FMV) and Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)
» Motion tracks and events
» Documents, spreadsheets, and slide presentations Identifying files without moving them
 GXP Xplorer creates an online catalog while delivering geotagged search results graphically on a map and textually within an attribute list, even alerting users to new content. Supplementing initial search results, users can add a variety of geospatial content layers, such as transportation routes, utility and communication systems, and building schematics, with GXP Xplorer’s Layer Manager.
Reduce costly data search efforts Analysts spend up to 50 percent of their time locating imagery and data across disparate systems, networks, and geographic locations. ! 50% Total project time spent searching for data GXP® solutions streamline process workflows, increase productivity, and enable a more effective final product, saving both time and money for your organization!
» Federated data discovery
» Catalog in place
» Visualized search results
» Content layers
» Browser-based interface
» Mobile applications
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